Monday, September 22, 2014

Tips for Non-Readers For the Book Extremist in Your Lives--(Grap your pen and paper!)

 I feel the need to write this post because I am surrounded by people who do not read, don't read as frequently, or simply don't understand my book loving lifestyle. (Being a book lover is a lifestyle not a hobby. Don't be mistaken.) 

1. Let us Read This is by the far the simplest and most important piece of advice you will ever get for dealing with a reader.
We are readers. We need to read like you need to breathe. Yes, it is that extreme. We are happiest when visiting our fictional worlds. So yes, you need to change that diaper and make your own sandwich. Yes, we'll take out the garbage in about 7-25 chapters. But, for the love of GAH let us read. 

1.5 Never Interrupt us while reading.

This is a major pet peeve for any reader. No, we don't care that you just found five dollars, or bought an amazing new dress. We're reading. There is nothing more important than reading in that moment. We simply want to read and for you to go away for at least 5 or 6 hours. This time varies per reader, it could be substantially longer. BUT once we're in between books we'll be more willing to listen.

2.  We need time to deal with feels (Feels: Bouts of extreme feelings of sadness, happiness, anger, or a combination of all above. The reader will use phrases like I cannot even. I just cannot even.)

When we're through reading (sometimes while reading) we go through feels. We feel happy, sad, angry, all of the above and more. We feel. Books cause us to feel and we need to deal with that. If we're crying or laughing or grinning. It's okay. We're going through feels. Leave the pint of ice cream and go. It will be over soon, or at least it will be toned down enough for us to return to human interaction.

3. We don't understand that you don't enjoy reading and we will recommend books to you even though we KNOW you don't want them. Just take it like a champ and read one of the books. We're helping your life.

This really needs no explanation. Smile and nod. Write down the books we recommend. Go to the bookstore. Buy one (all) of the books. Live happily ever after.

4. Fictional Boyfriends, Friends, Families are real and might be more important than you. Just deal with it.

We love our fictional people. We love spending time with them. Sometimes we love spending more time with them than you. Sorry that's the way it is. We do love you. We do. It's just--well you're not them. Okay? Okay.

5. We require space and lots of it, for our books, of course.
There is no gif perfect enough for this, but the idea is a simple one. No you cannot have that closet space because we will need it. Just make yourself a corner, a very small one, and be okay with this. You have to be okay with this.

This list could go on and on and there will probably be a part two, but take note, if you love someone who loves books, this is your life, or will be your life. Embrace it, because book worms, are some of the coolest people you'll ever encounter. 


  1. I'm just going to agree with all of them!

    Neve :)

  2. This is just brilliant XD

    -Megan @ Books of Fascination

  3. This should be shared to every non-reader in the whole world. i just can't understand how people don't understand us. It's quite simple. Let us read, give us books. I get called crazy for reading more than a book a week, heck, a MONTH, when they don't read a single one. And I'm the crazy? I don't think so. ;)

  4. Ha ha, can I relate to this or what :) No one in my family reads passionately - and how about the eye-rolling when you walk past a book shop. Oh and another pet hate ... when I'm reading at work in my lunch break and people keep coming up to ask work-related stuff. (Oh I know you are on lunch, you don't mind do you? ) arrrrgh yes I do mind.

  5. Omg so much yes! I don't have many readers in my social circle here at home either. And why is it that when we're sitting down reading, people think we're just doing nothing, and thus it's ok to just keep chatting small talk? No! Go away! When our realtor came she was all shocked by the amount of books I had in my house. As if it was weird. Like, what a sad life you're living, woman!

    1. Books are life! I'm sorry that other people don't get that.

  6. #1 and 2 YAS YAS YAS YAS. Now we're getting it! Why is it that when we're sitting down (not saying a word) and reading, that someone has to (and I mean has to) interrupt or ask us to come over? Like do you not see me reading over here? And I get annoyed easily... so like I tend to throw a tamper tantrum when they come close. I'm a bomb, ok. Set me on fire, and I'll blow up all over your face.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  7. Wonderful, and entertaining post. :) I loved it so much I had to share. Keep up the good work.

  8. YES! This post is amazing. I'm seriously dealing with this right now. I just moved into my college dorm and have two other roommates and they're constantly talking while I'm reading and it makes it so hard to concentrate. But I completely agree! I'm super determined to read tonight because STAY WITH ME by J. Lynn just downloaded onto my phone!

    Awesome post!

    1. So rude! Enjoy your book! Well at least I hope you did!

  9. Yes, completely agree with this post!! People think it's strange for you to spend 4 hours reading, but they'll sit in front of the tv for 4 hours. That's what you do and this is what I do. Don't judge! ~Pam

  10. YESS YESS YESS! My brother's is ALWAYS TALKING while I'm trying to read and I just want him to GO AWAAYY!! XDD *huffs*

  11. Oh my goodness this is perfect! So accurate! Including this in one of my posts 'cause you're genius.