Monday, August 11, 2014

Once Upon An Ever After by Angela N. Blount Book Review

Genre: Memoir (Young Adult?)
Publisher: Artifice Press
Expected Publish Date: TBA
Edition: eBook
Source: Author
Set after the events of Blount's debut memoir, Once Upon A Road Trip, this short story anthology focuses on the unusual courtship of Angeli and Vincent.

When Angeli left Minnesota on a post-high school road trip, all she wanted was to see the East Coast and finally meet some of her online friends. She didn't expect to end up in a long-distance relationship with a computer-savvy Southern boy. Yet Vincent seems determined to defy the odds. To prove his intentions, he sets off on his own quest to visit Angeli and win her family's approval. But along the way he’ll have to contend with her offbeat friends, trigger-happy father, and a few questionable run-ins with Northern hospitality.

South meets North this time around, and "normal" isn't anywhere on the map.

With a thousand miles and radically different upbringings between them, can Angeli and Vincent forge a forever-worthy bond? Or are the roadblocks they face too much for either of them to overcome?
4 out of 5 stars
As a memoir, Once Upon An Ever After, far surpasses typical fiction in content and entertainment. This true story was better than most fictional stories I've read in this genre.

I still find it somewhat hard to believe that this amazing story, this perfect/imperfect story of love and travel is true. I know it is but I guess some part of me envies Blount's bravery, and her tear inducing love story. Her story is very modern, but the love, it's classic, it's old school. It's beautiful, and untainted by worldly expectations.

I have a strong sense of connection to this story. A lot of Blount's past insecurities and doubts are some of my own. It's always nice to read a story you can relate to your own life. I've never been in love but some of this novel, rings scarily true to my life.

This memoir was handled with such finesse that's it's easy to read and not even realize you've spent the last few hours reading it--through to the finish.

Like the first, Blount, continues her story and we get to see much more, a lot more, of her relationship with Vince. After reading this I'm battling between which of the two novels I loved more.

I also think I love Vince a little more, which feels strange to say the least considering he's an actual real person. 

It was really nice to see how Angie, and Vince dealt with the distance, and intrusions from friends, and other worldly distractions. What I loved most was how effortless their love seemed even though it dealt with the same things I'm sure most couples deal with, like disagreements and insecurities.

It was clear they were meant to be together, even when I thought they wouldn't be. 

Once Upon An Ever After is a beautiful story, about life, and love, and everything in between. Angie fell in love with Vince, and I fell in love with her story. 

By the ending I was having an internal happy cry.
 I was literally forcing the tears to stay in. It's possible I'm just a hopeless romantic and other readers won't feel the way I felt. But it was just so complete, so beautiful, so real.

If you are doubtful about memoirs, which I know some of you are, don't be, there is something to be found in between the pages of this book, in between the pages of any memoir. You'll be surprised how much you can relate to some of them, and this one is no exception.

On a sidenote: Angela, thanks for making me almost ugly cry when you included that last tid bit of your story at the end, and that ring... *sigh*


  1. I love this review. ^_^ And that gif! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, and thanks again for letting me review your book(s)! :)

  2. I'm not a big memoir person but your review makes me want to read this one! (Of course, I guess I'll have to read the first one first). Great review! ~Pam

    1. Thanks. You should give it a try. You won't even know it's a memoir. At times I forgot :)