Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feature and Follow Friday--Childhood Picture Books

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. This week's question is:
Favorite picture books from childhood, and today!

While, I do not have a favorite picture book from today. I definitely loved The Little Critters book. I literally could remember these books so vividly. Thanks for making me read, Mom.
(I was so Mad was definitely my favorite Little Critters title. I still giggle about it, even today!)
I also loved The Berenstein Bears. (Okay, where's the time machine? I want to go back.)


  1. Oh, the Berenstain Bears! Remember the t.v. show? Now I feel all happy inside.
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  2. I haven't read any of those books, does that mean I have a crappy childhood? :D
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    christine @ Bibliophilic Madness

  3. These two series, so nostalgic @_@...

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    ~Sam @ A Journey Through Pages
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  4. I've never heard of either, but 'I Was So Mad' looks adorable. The grumpy look on its face is priceless! I'm an old GFC and new Bloglovin' follower! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
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    Juli @ Universe in Words

  5. I'm feeling so nostalgic hopping through these today!

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  6. Oh my god I loved the Berenstein Bears!! I actually don't remember any other pictures books I read to be honest. I started pretty young with pretty hardcore books. Now we all know what's wrong with me >.<

  7. OMG the Berenstein Bears. For some reason, I still remember that!

  8. These books look so cute. One can never get too old for picture books.
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  9. Aw childhood books! I remember the Berenstein Bears <3 My favorite picture book would have to be "Everything To Spend The Night" by Ann Whitford Paul and Maggie Smith. It's such a lovely book!