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Nightmare in Niceville by Amberlee Ciane Book Review~

Nightmare in Niceville by Amberlee Ciane
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Published Date: October 1st, 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Lily Strykes is a typical teenage girl, who, along with her mother and younger sister, settles into a comfortably predictable lifestyle in the quiet little town of Niceville, Florida. But hidden in their past is something dark. A fun night out with friends takes an unexpected and terrifying turn as her previous life quickly catches up to her. Lily's routine but peaceful existence, as well as those of her family and friends, is turned upside down in a matter of hours when a figure from her violent past suddenly returns.

I'm so sorry to the author because this book is bad. It's not the worse book I've ever read but its still pretty bad. 

The story has multiple point of views about half way through the book and there isn't much order to it. It kind of jumped around a bit. So, at certain points I had to remind myself of who each character was and quite frankly it wasn't worth the effort.

*SPOILER ALERT* I really don't like including spoilers but I don't really know how to explain without spoiling this part of it.

So about half way through the MC's deranged jail-bird father (or maybe father?) gets released from jail, crashes the theater she's at with friends and kills a bunch of people unbeknownst to the MC. At the end of the movie the main character is watching with her friends they discover the dead bodies and of course, they're scared.

So they all take off running in this theater of horror, cell phones out of signal and all the typical cheesy horror movie things occur. They break off into couples give or take a character or two and they began questioning their futures or the possible lack there of which results in lackluster and poorly timed make-out sessions. It is the strangest thing.

Making out with the potential of death looming over your head? Um, talk about bad timing. Honestly.


The books is written in both present and past tense (don't ask me how that happened) and it made the book so difficult to enjoy.

The characters emotions were floppy like a fish out of water. It seemed as if they couldn't quite figure out how to feel which sort of irritated me. Additionally the characters didn't have much depth which made it hard to connect with the characters. It just read like a really bad, really cheesy horror movie. I'm so disappointed.

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