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Wishes (Legacy, #2.5) by Molly Cochran Book Review

Wishes (Legacy, #2.5) by Molly Cochran
Publisher: Simon and Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
Published Date: April 29th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
eBook, 124 pages
Source: Author/Publisher provided

In the e-only companion to NYT Bestseller Molly Cochran’s Legacy and Poison, Katy Ainsworth learns that wishes come with consequences.

On Walpurgisnacht, where it is said that fairies abound, Katy meets a troubled fairy who must grant her every wish. But her wish for Peter to love her madly quickly backfires when he follows her around obsessively and weeps over her inattention. So Katy tries a different approach—but a wish for popularity brings about trouble as well. Can her good intentions make up for the misfortune and disappointment that seem to follow every wish? Katy must battle the magic of the Fairy Queen and her henchman to undo the spells—but can she truly repair the damage she’s done?

'Wishes' is a companion novel to the Legacy series. Find the first book HERE.

Playful and light, 'Wishes' gives witchery a modern day feel. 

In this novella Katy along with some friends go on a search for fairies, although they exist, no one's every seen them. That is until now. Katy finds herself face-to-face with a fairy and she's no "tinkerbell." She wishes for Peter, her boyfriend/promised to show her more affection and when that back fires she wishes for popularity. And, then that backfires. Everytime she makes a "wish" misfortune follows. The story pretty much follows that plot, will Katy be able to make things right? Will her wishes be her downfall? Stuff like that. 

The story is light and fast paced as I guess you would expect it to be at just a little over a hundred pages. If you haven't read the first two novels (I haven't) I think you will find Katy's naivete and timidness endearing. She's clumsy, and sort of fierce while maintaining a sense of bravado, and teenaged innocence. 

While the story is not mind blowing, it's enjoyable and would probably be better received after reading the first two books in the series, I would think; so that you can get a better feel for the world and it's characters. Although, it can be read as a stand-alone so should you prefer.

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