Saturday, May 17, 2014

King of Forgotten Clubs by Jennifer Recchio Book Review

There’s two hours left before Pak Higgins’ paper on the psychology of needs is due. Two hours to figure out what he needs in his life. Is it the girlfriend that dumped him for being too distant? The friends he’s barely talking to anymore? Or maybe it’s the running girl who crashed through his window at three in the morning with a desperate plea for help.

It’s definitely not the parents who tried to leave him in a boarding school in France or the money he walked away from to cut himself off from them.

But needing is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s the ones you want to run from that you need the most.

King of Forgotten Clubs is a novella of approximately 60 pages and the sequel to Queen of Broken Hearts.


I think I'd be able to give this book more stars if I could figure out exactly what the plot was. The writing is right up my alley, it's a blend of sarcasm and smarts. If this story would have progressed for about 100 or so more pages it might have been something, or not. It all depends on what those 100 or so pages contained but for the length it's an okay read.

There's nothing really to get attached to. It's more like something you read while you're waiting on line at the supermarket, at a meager 54 pages not much happens and it doesn't give you much to go off of. You'd be done with it faster than you can wrap your head around.

The blurb wraps it up in a neat little bow but quite frankly you don't get the impression of a young man struggling to write a paper. It just seems like someone who is completely out of sorts, and unsure of where he's going. So, they do have that part right. I would imagine that reading the first book would help sort out some of the gaps left by book two. I'm just not sure if its worth reading or not. I was pretty confused and I think other readers will be too.

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