Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Complicated by Laura L. Smith Book Review

It's Complicated
Laura L. Smith
Genre: Young Adult, Christian
Publisher: Playlist Fiction
Published Date: April 1st, 2013

There’s a reason Facebook has the relationship status, “It’s Complicated.” Follow four college roommates, Claire, Palmer, Hannah and Kat as they maneuver crushes, confusion, and the crisis when pushy boys go too far. Complicated as it is, these four friends will pull through, guided by the strength of their friendship and the power of God’s love.


 *copy provided by publisher in exchange for honest review*

It's complicated is the story of four college aged girls who come together in a "predestined" arrangement ordained by God; when they all meet and become roommates.

Hannah, Claire, Palmer, and Kat are from all walks of life, and they're all dealing with life's difficulties; some heavier than others.

The story is the beginning of their journey into college and into "real life."

It's takes serious issues and tells them in a lighthearted faith filled fashion. It's message is positive while remaining realistic. I like the way the author chose to deliver the story although I felt the girls were in some ways disjointed in a way I thought they wouldn't have been.

There's a big thing that happens in the story to one of the girls and the "others" just didn't seem all that supportive. I'm not sure if it's because they didn't know how to handle the situation or if they were just severely shallow and completely and emotionally incapable of dealing.

I'm going to assume the former. The author obviously had a clear intention for this novel and I think it was accomplished despite my earlier confusion.

As a christian myself I felt a deeper sense of connection to the novel on a spiritual level, and I appreciated the positive and faith filled backing.

I'm interested in seeing each character's growth and the way they navigate college, and life. 


  1. I've never read a Christian YA so I have to admit I'm intrigued. ~Sheri