Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine, #1) by James Dashner

The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine, #1) by James Dashner
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Published Date: October 8th, 2013
An all-new, edge-of-your seat adventure from James Dashner, the author of the New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series, The Eye of Mindsis the first book in The Mortality Doctrine, a series set in a world of hyperadvanced technology, cyberterrorists, and gaming beyond your wildest dreams . . . and your worst nightmares.

Michael is a gamer. And like most gamers, he almost spends more time on the VirtNet than in the actual world. The VirtNet offers total mind and body immersion, and it’s addictive. Thanks to technology, anyone with enough money can experience fantasy worlds, risk their life without the chance of death, or just hang around with Virt-friends. And the more hacking skills you have, the more fun. Why bother following the rules when most of them are dumb, anyway?

But some rules were made for a reason. Some technology is too dangerous to fool with. And recent reports claim that one gamer is going beyond what any gamer has done before: he’s holding players hostage inside the VirtNet. The effects are horrific—the hostages have all been declared brain-dead. Yet the gamer’s motives are a mystery.

The government knows that to catch a hacker, you need a hacker.
And they’ve been watching Michael. They want him on their team.
But the risk is enormous. If he accepts their challenge, Michael will need to go off the VirtNet grid. There are back alleys and corners in the system human eyes have never seen and predators he can’t even fathom—and there’s the possibility that the line between game and reality will be blurred forever.

4 out of 5 stars

There was something distinctly Maze Runner-esque about this book. There were some striking similarities. Dashner has an obvious affinity for unexplained far from norm creatures and mind bending conspiracy theories.

This book was just as thrilling as the Maze Runner with a strong teenaged male character and a hint at romance between the M.C. and a close friend. Dashner does not really toy with romance but he always kind of hints at it so don't worry about spoilers. I'm not really telling you anything that will ruin the story.

The story itself is like an unraveling of a complex puzzle. There's more to the surface of it than is originally let on just like MR. The story is written in a way that it lures you in and gives you just enough to whet your appetite and then it dangles a giant steak in front of your face except its enclosed in a glass case with a keypad and a pass code you don't get until the next book which I'll be waiting impatiently for. There is no shortage of action, suspense, or surprises. The ending is just as twisty as you'd expect. You'll be panting for more. Its everything you'd expect from Dashner and more. A must read.

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