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Born in Flames (Born in Flames Trilogy, #1) by Candace Knoebel

Born in Flames (Born in Flames Trilogy, #1) by Candace Knoebel
Published Date: September 6th, 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Red mirrored scales race up my arms as the haze of pain blurs my vision. My bones crack, breaking to realign. I scream. It is then that the realization of my unavoidable fate sinks in; I am of a dying race. I am dragon.

Aurora Megalos, orphaned and teetering on the edge of adulthood, thought finding her past would curb the sting of being an outcast. Having no memories of the time before she awoke on her foster mother’s doorstep, she yearns for the emptiness inside her to be filled. With her fellow orphaned best friend, Fenn, by her side, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But something powerful stirred within her that she couldn’t explain. Something wanted out.

In the dark of night, a crazed Seer, dubbed Mr.Creepy, erases everything she’s ever known with an impending prophecy. She now faces two paths. Return to her true home to protect a dying race against a growing evil, or stay hidden in the safety of our realm with a shot at a true love. With a vengeful Arch Enemy stopping at nothing to see her dead, she’s running out of time; a decision must be made. What would you choose?

3 out of 5 stars
*copy provided by author in exchange for honest review*

Aurora was born to change her world but she doesn't even know it. A girl in an inhuman body and her best friend, and possible love interest, Fenn travel through life questioning everything they know. Both orphaned they've never felt like they've belonged until some strange people and even stranger occurrences give them the answers they've been searching for and even more changing their lives completely.
Born in flames tackles the supernatural and meshes it with reality. It plays with prophecies and mysterious powers. Knoebel weaves an intriguing tale that starts off interesting but struggles to maintain the excitement it started off with, only picking up in the later half.

The story is like one big riddle that the characters as well as the reader struggles to solve. There are a lot of things the main character has a lot to learn and unfortunately it takes her a while to get there. But when she does get there and she has her big revelation things begin to happen fairly quickly. 
Surprisingly it didn't finish off like I thought it would and we're left with a huge cliffhanger at the end so there are a lot of questions that will remain unanswered, at least until the sequel. (I assume)

I have to admit that Aurora's character kind of frustrated me. She was a little bit too fussy. She was very temperamental. I'm not sure if its what her character was dealing with that caused this but she definitely could've been a little less bratty. (*spoiler alert*)Her relationship with Fenn didn't feel very right. They seemed to just fall into each other for romance's sake. I would've liked that part to happen a little more naturally.
For a starter novel I think its fairly decent even good. As with a lot of series the first book is just enough to pull us in. The sequel is usually the more exciting more thorough novel and I expect that to be the case here. What this book lacked I'm sure will be more than made up for in the next one. Knoebel is definitely on the right track. Its worth checking out especially if you're into shifter/fantasy novels.

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