Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Overrated Book Boyfriend Characteristics/Traits in the YA/NA Genre

Okay, so I've read numerous novels with the most swoon worthy guys that I can imagine and ones I couldn't even imagine but the characteristics and personalities of these book boyfriends are just really starting to roll over. They're all starting to seem like the same guy. Here are a few characteristics or traits and/or qualities that I'm finding just a tad bit tiresome

1. That distinct smell of "him" (woods, outdoors, etc.)

Everybody has their own combination of pheromones and what have you that give us our own distinct smell but I mean seriously. That smell that is so distinctly him. I am not pushed way one or the other but the distinct smell of woods, or boy. Let's just leave that one out.

2.Grey or Blue eyes

I love a set of colored eyes as much as the next girl but let me tell you brown eyes can rock some socks too, dark or light colored. I need some more variety.

3. Overly exaggerated body image

I do not object to a man with muscles or an amazing body but I would really love to see a book boyfriend with a more average image, sort of like St. Clair in Anna and The French Kiss (AMAZING book if you haven't read it yet). He's short and probably not rocking any six or eight packs but he's just as appealing.

4. Billionaires

They've done it in FSOG, the Crossfire series and so on and so on. I've had my fill of them. I love that their successful at a young age and their so darn loveably cocky but I've just had enough with this image.

5. Abusive or Controlling Personalities
I'm not going to lie I secretly like some part of a guy that is very assertive and wholly masculine but when it starts to become abusive, I'm out! Some of these guys in books are so utterly controlling and abusive that I can't find any parts of it entertaining. 

These are just some of the things I'm sort of tired of seeing in the alleged "book boyfriend" makeup. Are there any things that bother you or you wish you'd seen less. Comment away I'd love to know what you all think.


  1. Yes, definitely agree with the smell thing. It's weird when protagonists go on and on about how darn awesome their boyfriend smells. It's like they have their nose stuck up against his skin all the time.

  2. These are all completely true! I also hate the "boy that was once a player and has changed for this nerdy virgin" book boyfriend. I don't know, I just think it's too impossible. I know it sounds materialistic and really depressing but would that hot guy really ever fall for her? I love a romance as much as the next person but I prefer when they're on the same level. It makes me love the characters that much more! <3

    1. Yeah, I guess I'm kind of looking for that kind of love...realistic.

  3. If I had a penny for every time I read "woodsy scent" I'd be rich! I can't stand billionaires either for some reason. And I so agree with you on number 3! I don't mind a book boyfriend with a rockin' bod but come on where's Mr. Average Lookin' at??

    1. I know right! What exactly do you smell like when you smell woodsy? Dirt and trees?/ Average can be sexy too.