Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feature and Follow #13

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I moved to a new state. I moved from New York City to Atlanta. I want to say that I've loved it here the past year but unfortunately it hasn't gone as planned, and I'm far from enjoying it. I'm not cut out to be a southern girl. I'm trying to get back to New York City where I belong! There is officially no place like it in the world and I miss it terribly. I'm going to go back and hug a taxi cab or something :P


  1. Hopping through. I love New York City. We've lived in Montana for a little over a year and we're ready to leave. 100,000 people is far too small for big city people like me.
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  2. Thanks for hopping by my blog :) Your blog is simply gorgeous! New follower, too :)

  3. Even though Portugal is a small country, I also miss living in the capital. A few years ago I moved from Lisbon to the countryside and the first years were dificult. But now I'm quite adjusted to living here, even though I would still prefer moving back to Lisbon if I had a chance. So, I totally understand you.

    1. Yeah I totally need to move back! I miss all the hustle and bustle!

  4. Moving is always exciting. I think I can live both in the city and in the country. I just need a cozy home and a big city in driving distance.

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  5. I hope you get to move back to New York soon. I haven't really moved that in the sense like what you meant here. We transferred houses but always in the same city but I can imagine what it must feel like to not be in a place you know you were supposed to be. Happy moving.. :)

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  6. Well have fun hugging the taxi...I'm sure that will be an interesting experience xD
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  7. I'm sorry you're not having a good time in Atlanta. It's a nice place to visit. I'm not sure I'd live there, though. I love visiting NYC. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the big city life, though. Good luck getting back!

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  8. I've lived in Florida just about all my life, but I did consider moving to NYC once (a few times, actually). Unfortunately, as much as I love the city, itself, I can't deal with the cold. My native FL blood... I start to shiver when it goes below 80*, lol!!! Good luck getting home!!!