Saturday, November 23, 2013

Popular Books that everyone has read...except for me 1st edition

I've read quite a few books in my lifetime but I have managed to escape reading a lot of books people really love. Here are some of them:

I have to admit, I'm just now hearing about this book (series). I've seen it around but I have to say I thought this was a childish series but it's gotten a lot of praise. I keep telling myself I'm going to read it and I day.

1. The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) by Rick Riordan

I have to admit, I'm just now hearing about this book (series). I've seen it around but I have to say I thought this was a childish series but it's gotten a lot of praise. I keep telling myself I'm going to read it and I day.

2. Harry Potter (any of them)... J.K. Rowling
I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this one but I have never read
a single Harry Potter book, although my younger sister owned a few. I just never really liked books with magic so I just assumed I wouldn't enjoy this one. I plan to catch up on this series and at least read one.
3. Sarah Dessen books

I just never picked a book. Not because I didn't think I'd like them but just because I never bother to ever look at them or even to read the synopsis. There are quite a few books by her so I'm sure I can find one to get into.

4. I am Number Four series by Pittacus Lore
This is just another book that I have managed to ignore since it's release. Maybe I've been acting like a book snob...I'm all I don't follow crowds I lead them :P

5. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I just never heard of this series until fairly recently. I really
do want to read it though because I hear the main male character
is just simply swoon worthy.

6. The Selection by Kiera Cass

I have actually been stalking this book but because I could never get it for the price I wanted I've never read it. Not to mention that I could never get it at the library because the waiting list was so friggin' long. (It still is) I now have the eBook and hope to read it soon.

7. The Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter
Yeah when I hear Vamps, and Werewolves I go the
other way. I love Twilight (don't judge me) but I'm not
a big vamp, werewolves girl although I may give this
series a try.

Are there any books you haven't read that seem like books everyone else has read except you?
If so what are they?


  1. I have many books like that, but I'll admit that mine aren't as drastic as yours... HP? Really? Flack!! ;)
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

  2. I've read a lot of those... Harry Potter, the Lux series, Percy Jackson... loved them all. I'm always browsing for new books and consistently come across people who swear that the Black Dagger Brotherhood books are fantastic but I just haven't gotten around to them.

    1. I heard the same thing about those books. I haven't read them yet maybe one day.

  3. Would you mind if I did this on my blog?

    Don't feel to bad, I haven't read a lot of those either. I keep meaning to, though

  4. HAHA ohh I've actually read a lot of these, except the Shadow Falls one (which I didn't even know existed!!), and I Am Number Four, which has a plot I don't really care for D: But the rest of these are pretty amazing! The Percy Jackson books definitely LOOK childish and has a kid protagonist (12 to 17 years), but the book itself can appeal to all ages :D It's the story that drew me in actually :) There are already 9 books in the franchise, but you will not regret catching up, if you do :) Harry Potter is the best as well. The movies were great, but they were still not up to par with the books themselves. So yeah, I'd recommend those! :D Sarah Dessen's and The Selection series were pretty meh for me, but that's probably because they were too girly XD Anyway, great post here <3

  5. Hey thanks! I am so behind on so many books but I'm hoping that I will catch up in these soon. I'm a romantic to the core so I'm sure I will probably get into the Sarah Dessen books but there is a thin line between romantic and cute and cheesy. So we'll see. Thanks for the comment! :)

  6. I haven't read any Sarah Dessen books or the I Am Number Four series or The Lightning Thief. Obviously Harry Potter is great, and I love love love the Lux series. I would also recommend JLA's Covenant series too. Love both of those! I really enjoyed the Shadow Falls series and what's great is that it's complete so you can binge waiting. ~Pam

  7. Out of this list I've read the HP series, and just one Sarah Dessen book. The problem for me is that there are so many books out there- especially books as part of a series- that no matter which ones I choose to read I'll be missing out on three or four more, so I just choose the ones that stand out to me.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I'm always distracted by other books when I'm trying to find certain books. There's just so many books!