Friday, November 29, 2013

Emeralds and Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) by C. Spencer-Upton Book Review

Emeralds and Pearls by C. Spencer-Upton
Published Date: October 11th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

I've spent seventeen years being a wallflower. Seventeen years, watching people live their lives, whilst mine stood still. I was happy for those years, nothing new happened because i never let it, every day was the same and predictable.

When my parents told me we were another state, I freaked.

I spent the first week, after the move, wishing i could move back. But then something changed, i became a someone, and to begin with i enjoyed it, but i soon learned, some things aren't always as they seem.

I have two lives now. Both of them are testing me, pushing me to my limits.

4 out of 5 stars
*copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review*
Let me start off by saying the blurb and book cover don't do this book justice. (Although it totally makes sense, once you read it.) This book is much more than the blurb and the cover, which is why it caught me by surprise the way it did. I definitely had a whole different scenario in mind. I thought it would be more of a Young Adult Contemporary novel its way more fantasy, science fiction than that. 

There is a nice pace to the beginning of the book. You kind of get the feeling that its more contemporary romance because there is such a heavy focus on Chelsea (our main character) and her development of romantic relationships, and how she's coming out of her shell and beaming a more confident outgoing person but then the unexpected happens. It changes the entire book, but in a good way. 

I have to admit that this change in plot brought something to the story I thought it would be lacking. I won't say what it is because that would be a major spoiler. This is like a pandora's box just when you think you've gotten tot he last box there's one more. It was very enjoyable to read once things really started kicking off. Although I would've liked the MC to be a little more brave with this new change. You'll have to read to find out. Also the ending was very unexpected. I'm quite surprised and pleased with the direction the author took. I think readers will definitely underestimate this book but once they've read will realize how much they love it. It's definitely worth checking out. It does not disappoint.

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