Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden Blog Tour Stop + Review

By: Pauline Creeden

In a heart-racing thriller described as Falling Skies meets The Walking Dead, Jennie struggles 

to find a safe place for what’s left of her family. But it seems as though there is no place sacred, 

no place secure. First the aliens attacked the sun, making it dimmer, weaker, and half what it 

used to be. Then they attacked the water supply, killing one-third of Earth’s population with a 

bitter contaminate. And when they unleash a new terror on humankind, the victims will wish for 

death, but will not find it…

When the world shatters to pieces around her, will Jennie find the strength she needs to keep 

Author Info 

Pauline Creeden is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy. In her fiction, she 

creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. 

She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get 

bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.

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I was initially pleased with the beginning of the story. It was fast paced and I didn't have to sludge through a bunch of words to get to the actual happenings of the story. I knew almost immediately that the story would have religious undertones taking note of the biblical scriptures at the beginning. I'm not sure if the author was hinting at her depiction of the rapture or something totally different. Either way it works pretty well.

It was a pleasant read considering it's an end of times story. The characters mesh well and are 

After finishing the book thought I didn't feel like it was completed. The epilogue left a lot to be desired. I'm not sure if there is going to be a second book or not but it wasn't much of a cliffhanger if so. 

 The book was written fairly well with descriptive scenes that will entice most readers. I think it will appeal to readers who enjoy apocalyptic, or zombie reads. 

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