Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! It's my Birthday (I can cry if I want to.)

Enjoy a Minion style Happy Birthday song. (Love those little guys.)

It's my birthday. Yup, I'm a halloween baby :D I'm another year older and wiser! I'm hoping to spend this day doing something fun and just for me. Like maybe reading a book if someone gets one for me as a birthday gift ( Allegiant, Quarantine 2 *hint, hint*) (I AM ON HIATUS IF YOU WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY I THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!)

Although it is my birthday I'm giving you guys things. Yes. You. I'm generous like that :P
I spent a month or so gathering up some authors and fun things to giveaway and I'm running the giveaway for a week only! So enter as many times as you like and in as many ways as you like. I've left you all with a lot of options. There will be 5 winners. Winners will be chosen randomly. I have a total of 20 prizes. I will divide them up amongst the winners, five prizes each. Each prize pack will include at least one signed/swag item. Again IT WILL be random. I didn't want to have just one winner, where is the fun in that?
Without further ado, Here's the giveaway and Good Luck!!

(*Please note there may be a delay in prize distribution*)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jazmen! Hope it's full of lots of treats! =D

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope its a great one and hope you get that gift. :o)

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  4. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Sadly I didn't get any gifts which means I just have to get those gifts myself, when I can.