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Blogger Spotlight Sunday, Lynsey of Love Books Read Daily Blog!

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> 1. When did you start blogging and why? Tell me briefly about what you do on your blog?
Being a primary school teacher, I am sure many of you will be very jealous to hear that I recently had six weeks holiday from work. Six weeks is a long time and, like many others out there, I read a LOT of books. Sitting at home one afternoon I decided I wanted to share some of the amazing books I had read with others. I would always be texting family and friends recommending books and it suddenly dawned on me that it might be more beneficial to start a blog. I had no idea what I was doing and did a lot of research into blogging and reaching an audience through social media (thank you Google). Many of the other book blogs I had seen focused mainly on one genre, however I wanted mine to cover all the different genres I enjoy reading. Therefore, Love Books Read Daily was born! It has been extremely enjoyable reading, reviewing and blogging over the summer. Unfortunately my holidays have now come to an end but my new plan of action is to ask the children in my class to help me review some upcoming children's books. Harper Collins have very kindly sent me a selection of new titles which I will be reading and reviewing with my class of 30 angels very soon!

> 2. The best thing that has happened to you since you started blogging because of your blog?
I will be very honest here and say one of the best things about blogging is receiving free books from publishers and authors before their release date. I love being contacted by unknown authors and discovering new talents that would otherwise go unnoticed. Sharon Sant contacted me recently, through Twitter, asking me to review her new novel, The Memory Game, and it honestly was one of the best books I have read in a long time.
I love that other people I know have gone off to purchase books based on my reviews. The book blog world is so influential and I am honoured to be a part of it.

> 3. Favorite fictional couple and why?
My favourite fictional couple would have to be Layken and Will from 'Slammed' by Colleen Hoover. After the death of her father, Layken, along with her mother and brother, move to a new town where she meets her new neighbour, Will. They quickly become more than friends and a whirlwind romance ensues. That is until they discover some shocking news that will tear them apart and the story becomes one of love, loss and turmoil. The relationship between Layken and Will is heart shattering and Colleen Hoover takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster throughout. If you haven't read this story READ IT!! You won't be disappointed.

> 4. Last three books you've read.
The Memory Game by Sharon Sant.

(This story was AMAZING!! I can't rate it highly enough. Check out my review at

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Tethers by Jack Croxall

(This author contacted me through Twitter and again was another pleasant surprise.)

> 5. Least favorite food

I like most foods but there are some that just completely freak me out. Prawns being one of them! I am not comfortable eating anything that still looks the same as when it was alive. Prawns sit on your plate with their little beady eyes... they just terrify me! And don't even get me started on KING prawns.
I also hate the thought of pineapple on pizza. Why would you put fruit on a pizza?! Would you put strawberries on your roast dinner? No, probably not! The idea just baffles me. Highly annoying when you have to sit there picking all the pineapple off. *Sigh*

> 6. Favorite genre and why?

This is a tough one for me as my book blog is very eclectic. I like many different genres and the different elements they bring to a novel. If I had to choose one it would be a toss up between crime thrillers and Dystopian YA. I think the dystopian genre just tips it and my obsession for such like started at school where I was asked to study 'The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood for my English Literature course. I was fascinated by the thought of a world so different but not so far removed from our own. It was disturbing to read of a nightmare future that could so easily happen.

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  1. What a cool interview, I loved reading this blogger spotlight with Lindsay and discovering a new book blogger like the rest of us. There can never be enough of us to promote books!