Thursday, September 26, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination--Again! Wow!

Believe it or not I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by Monlat @ Monlatable Book Reviews. I'm feeling pretty good about this blog right now! Thanks so much Monlat!

Here are the questions I was asked to answer:

1. What is your all time favorite book?

I seriously feel like I'm betraying other books but for the purposes of the question I'm going to go with Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. This book genuinely surprised me. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. If you haven't read it you need to! Not now but yesterday.

2. Is there a book that you thought that you would not like that you ended up really enjoying?
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin was another book that surprised me. It was a favorite of the library I picked it up from. I took my chances and it's now one of my absolute favorites.

3. What is the best comment that you have received by an author, other blogger, or blog reader?
Well it's not directly related to blogging but when an author told me that my writing was gorgeous--that was the absolute best comment I could ever get. It gave me the momentum to keep writing.

4. What is the best thing about blogging for you?
The best thing about blogging is connecting with people. I don't connect with a lot of people because I'm not interested in a lot of the things that people my age are interested in like clubbing and drinking. I'd much rather read and I found so many people who feel like I do. It's amazing!

5. What is the most frustrating thing about blogging for you?
One of the most frustrating things about blogging has to do with reviewing. I love reviewing don't get me wrong but there has been such ugliness surrounding it and I'm down right frustrated by it. A lot of people have become really nasty about reviews criticizing the way people review, and authors coming after readers who've given bad reviews. REVIEWS ARE OPINIONS. Yes, some people have been really bad about it but they're opinions. Take them as such. I wouldn't sweat it. 

6. If you could live the life of any of the characters that you have read about who would it be?

A lot  of books I read are either dangerous or sad so this is a tough one LOL. I think I'd be Anna from Altered. She lived with four super hot guys. I think I can deal with whatever consequences she's had to deal with if it means I get to be around those guys!

7. Is there a character that you love to hate? You can't say J.R. Ewing! (oops my age is showing)
A character I love to hate hmmm Bennett Ryan from Beautiful Bastard. He was a jerk but I kind of loved him. Does that make me crazy? *shrugs shoulders*

8. Are you a re-reader?
I am and I read on my Google Nexus which I love dearly. 

9. If you could change the ending of any book or series which would it be and why? (*spoiler*)
I would change the end of The Fault in Our Stars. Augustus. Come on! I wanted him to stay alive! 

10. What is your ultimate goal for your blog?
The ultimate goal for my blog is for it to become a go to place for anything books. I want my blog to be a voice and a place for any kind of reader and I want to do it all honestly. 

Because I've already nominated a group of ten I'm going to go ahead and choose a fresh new batch 
of bloggers:
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My questions:
1.Paperback or Hardcover? Why?
2.Favorite book to movie adaptation.
3. Favorite time of day to read and why.
4. Top five favorite fictional characters.
5. Recommend three books.
6. Name one book you couldn't put down and read in one sitting.
7. Favorite fictional villian
8. Favorite snack.
9. Why do you blog and when did you start blogging.
10. Favorite genre and why.


  1. I'm not sure what Liebster is, or who runs it, but I recognize the word "award" so congratulations!

    I hear you on your answer for #4. My idea of an exciting Friday night? Staying up late, reading! And its hard to find other people who read, even if you go out on Friday, because other readers are also at home, reading...Luckily everybody uses the internet now.

    1. I know what you mean. Don't get me wrong people who like to party are cool but it just isn't my kind of thing so I'm glad to have met people who like me spend their nights and days off lost in a book :)

  2. I loved your answers to the questions and that's why you're a great blogger!

    1. Thanks SO much AND thanks for nominating me! You rock! :)

  3. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what a Liebster award is-- but many congrats to you for being awarded again. Oh my gosh, and thank you so much for nominating me as well! <3

  4. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what a Liebster award is-- but many congrats to you for being awarded again. Oh my gosh, and thank you so much for nominating me as well! <3

    1. It's an award that recognizes great blogs with under 200 followers and you're welcome! :)

  5. Hey! I'm a new follower, but have been looking at your blog for a while. Congratulations on the award! I love your blog, will you check out mine?