Saturday, September 7, 2013

Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey Book Review

Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey
Genre: Young Adult, Suspense, Romance
Publisher: Merit Press
Expected Publish Date: September 18th, 2013 

Goodreads Blurb:

When Elle's father, a single parent and a big shot in corporate insurance, moves her to yet another boarding school for senior year, Elle is disgusted when nothing changes. Her night terrors don't go away, and, soon, despite her father's caring calls and visits, Elle starts to believe she's losing her mind. She knows she's being followed; a ribbon is tied around her doorknob, and there are those cigarette butts that keep turning up on the doormat, in violation of a strict smoking ban on campus. Then there's Bryan, an intriguing boy Elle meets at a flea market and later finds out is a student at her school. Yet on campus, he pretends he doesn't recognize her - until the day he divulges just how much danger she's in. In her search for an answer to all the madness, Elle unravels the truth about her dad's real identity, why someone has lied to her all her life, and the terrifying truth that she may be the only one who can save her from the one who's following her now.

*copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

A fast paced, heart-pounding psychological thriller. This book has twists and turns at every page that will leave you glued until the finish.

I was surprised at the fluidity and the “realness” of the writing. It made the story believable, and realistic. I watch mystery/suspense shows all the time but there is nothing like reading one.  Mysteries/thrillers on paper are rawer than the mysteries you see on television. They hold more affect in my opinion.

I was also surprised at the content. I imagined it differently but it was a nice change from my usual reads. I haven't been reading suspense/mystery novels as often as I used to and this kind of jumped off a need in me.

The story is about a girl named “Elle” who is a daughter to a single father. Her mother died in a car accident when she was younger. She moves around constantly due to her father's "work". She's just settled into a new prep school when strange happenings occur, things that cause her to question important things in her life.

I loved the dynamic between the characters. I think it gave the story a nice twist. The romance was a nice additive. It wasn't in any way overpowering or misplaced. It seemed natural.  The character build up was phenomenal and the way the author created the scenery was very nicely done. It painted a vivid picture, one that was easily believable and helped to take me inside of the story. I think I felt everything the character felt.

I think this book can be enjoyed by many ages, adults especially. It's a nice change from the normal humdrum topics that have been covered in the young adult genre. It will make a nice addition to any book lover's collection.

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