Monday, September 9, 2013

Character Interview with Savannah, of In Chains by Michelle Abbott.

In Chains by Michelle Abbott is "A romance set in a world where slavery is government run and slaves are fitted with microchips." -Goodreads

I'm always happy to interview characters. I love to take them from the page to real life. Check out my interview with Savannah. Also check out my review HERE.

Savannah, how do you feel knowing your brother keeps Kayden as a slave, knowing he beats him? How long has he been keeping him?

I was shocked, I'd never seen that side of my brother. He'd loved and taken care of me when our parents died. At first I believed that he treated Kayden well, because that was the brother I knew, but it soon became clear that he saw Kayden as simply property, I mean, he didn't even know he had a name. 
The beatings sickened me, I don't understand how anyone can be so cruel to another human being, and Kayden is human, he has thoughts and feelings just like the rest of us.
Simon had owned Kayden for 5 years before I arrived.

Do you think Dan will come back for you? What will you do if he does?

I honestly don't know, he's crazy enough to come after me. He can't control his temper and he's capable of anything, nothing seems to scare him. If he comes back I'll stick to my guns and tell him again that we're over but if he comes looking for me, I don't think he'll be interested in talking. I hope that Simon or Kayden will be around if he does come.

How did you wind up getting into a relationship with Dan? Was he always abusive?

I met him through friends. At first he was charming, attentive and romantic. I've always had low self-esteem, Dan was an attractive guy and he made me feel special. After we'd been dating a few months I started to notice a change. He didn't like me going out with my friends, he'd kick up such a fuss that I'd end up staying in with him. He'd accuse me of eyeing guys up whenever we went out. It just got worse from there.

I notice you spend a lot of time with Kayden, do you like him?

That's an understatement, I totally adore him. He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He has the most amazing eyes and a gorgeous body, he's strong and yet so gentle with me. He makes me laugh and he's so protective, I feel safe with him.

If you had the opportunity to release Kayden, to allow him to be free. Would you take it? Would you go with him, be with him?

Absolutely, I want more than anything for him to be free and I'd be with him, no matter what society thought of us. If there was an opportunity to free him, I'd take it.

Doesn't she just make Kayden seem so dreamy! I just love him! Check both Savannah and Kayden out in the next book "Locked Together (In Chains #2) coming to you October 1st!

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  1. In Chains sounds like it certainly has an interesting premise. Books w/a slavery theme have always fascinated me, simply b/c it's so hard to understand how people can be so horrible!