Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blogger Spotlight Sunday, Kayla from The Bookish Owl

It's Blogger Spotlight Sunday, and I want to welcome Kayla from, The Bookish Owl. :)  

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When did you start blogging and why?

--I started blogging last December 2012 mostly because I was tired of being told to shut up by my friends whenever I ranted to them about books. I wanted to talk to people who, like me, were dedicated to literature and well, fictional characters.

What books/genre do you blog about mostly?
--I have a very varied taste when it comes to books, which is pretty much reflected on my blog. I blog about YA, adult fiction, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, mainly anything and everything that I read about,

 What's your favorite genre?
--Ahhh, I don't have one! I'm just really diverse with reading since I don't want to be confined to one particular genre. However, I always go to the History and Historical Fiction sections of my favorite bookstore first.

Fictional Boyfriend/Girlfriend 
--Mehehe, here's a few of them: Rudy Steiner, Augustus Waters, Klaus Baudelaire, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred and George Weasley, Tyler Durden, Holden Caulfield, Elizabeth Bennet, Benvolio, Jem Carstairs, Alex Sheathes from Delirium, Nico di Angelo, Anubis from The Kane Chronicles...I can't think of the others anymore! LOL! 5. Favorite Fictional World (if any) --Wizarding World of Harry Potter, definitely. But I also like the post-zombie apocalypse world from the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant.

What are you reading? What are you reading next?
--Currently reading Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi and my Chemistry textbook because of my upcoming exams. :| I'm planning to read The Wrong Girl by CJ Archer, Icons by Margaret Stohl and Vigilante Nights by Erin Richards next.

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  1. This was my first time reading a "blogger spotlight". I rather enjoyed it! Harry Potter is a good choice for a fictional world! To be able to do magic and learn about it would be very exciting!

  2. Jem Carstairs FTW. :) Haha, I love that series so much. Ooh, Harry Potter would be amazing world to live in!

  3. YAY! My first ever blogger spotlight!! Thanks so much for having me on your blog! :)