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My sit down with Javier of A Bloody, Bloody Mess in The Wild Wild West

I'm the kind of reader that likes to find random books to read, review, and feature. I love YA but, it isn't the only genre I love. So with all that being said I decided to reach out to some authors and get them involved in some character interviews. This one was rather interesting--in a good way. This character is something else..Enjoy! Lol. (This book is recommended for ADULTS only.)

But before you read the interview, here's a snippet of the book from Goodreads: 

A Bloody Blood Mess in the Wild Wild West by
Justin Bienvenue

The year is 1870. Five years after the Civil War has ended. Many states, cities and small towns are still recovering, one of these places is the town of Toomswood. The town has been taken over by sly corrupt tycoon Javier “Bones” Jones. Things only get worse for the town when a mysterious stranger rides into town making an offer and cutting a deal with Jones. The man gives Jones super dexterity and point pin shooting accuracy among other like abilities, however in return he has placed a curse on Jones, making him a leader to the Undead unbeknown to his knowledge.

After finding out his curse Jones takes a liking to it and soon kills to turn his gang into an army. The mysterious man then tells Jones he will also lead Undead Civil War soldiers who are now bloodthirsty madmen. It is up to Emerson Shaw, a quiet humble young man with his own personal demons to stop Jones and his men. Along with his best friend and others who will join them, Shaw must find a way to stop Jones from destroying and terrorizing the town and turning it into a literal walking Ghost town.

ADULTS ONLY (I recommend this series for adults only)
Why are you so confrontational with Emerson? What do you have against him?

Javier:- Well look at you Miss bold and straight to the point. You got some nerve, more nerve then good ole Emerson. You wanna know why? First I’d say you should find out for yourself but since I’m here..He’s just like his daddy..righteous to the core and it just aint right. No man should be wholesome and upright all the dang time. He parades around like he’s something well let me tell you he’s nothing compared to me. Honestly aint too many people I like and half the time I don’t got a reason other then they don’t fit my liking..Emerson should be so lucky he’s got a reason as to why I don’t like em.

Why do you think you're "the baddest man in the town"?

Javier: Think? I don’t think I’m the baddest man I am the baddest man. From here all the way down to the Mississippi. Bare knuckle fighters aint even as bad as me. If you think your bad you aint even close. Besides you get a look at the people in Toomswood? Buncha ugly drunk lookin gringos if you ask me. So yeah, I am the baddest man in town.

Do you think the town fears you?

Javier: Ah, now your askin the good questions. Well for one, I think my last response covered not only that question but this one too cause I’m the baddest man in town. Much as I figure, they ain’t ever set their eyes on a man of my caliber and while I walk proud in my boots I make em shake in theirs. They also fear me cause they don’t know what I’m capable of or what I might do and that leaves them bewildered and frightened to the pun intended(evil laughter).

What is it with you and guns? Are you some kind of killer?

Javier: Who said anything about guns? Oh, you see my lovely arms on the side of me eh? Yeah. Nothing like a good firearm. A man is only as good as the gun he fires. Yep, I got a thing for guns, never leave home without em! Then again find me a man who doesn’t! And am I some kind of killer? Well I ain’t one to brag..ah shoot who am I kidding I brag all the time, yes I killed 6 men down in Mexico before they even knew what hit em. Wanted man there too..and if you think that’s bad you should read up or talk to the rest of the town..see what they tell ya!

What do you want the entire town to know about you?

Javier: Quite frankly I don’t want them to know anything about me. I don’t like them and they don’t like me. If there is one thing this crap hole town needs to know it’s that I’m taking it over, seizing what’s rightfully mine and that I should be feared. If they hear these shiny silver spurs they should start heading in the other direction or their gonna get a bullet in between that dense skull of theirs.

Well folks, until next time!

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